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Accusations Answered Section > Was Hazrat Mirza Sahib Disrespectful to Hazrat Fatima (rta) by Placing his Head on her Lap in a Vision?

Was Hazrat Mirza Sahib Disrespectful to Hazrat Fatima (rta) by Placing his Head on her Lap in a Vision?:
by the Webmaster

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The anti-Ahmadis accuse the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib of Qadian, to have been disrespectful to Hazrat Fatima (rta), the youngest and most beloved daughter of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), by saying that in a dream he placed his head upon her lap.

It must be borne in mind, that Hazrat Mirza Sahib was not disrespectful to Hazrat Fatima (rta) in any way, since any truth-seeker will clearly see that while narrating the vision in which he placed his head on Hazrat Fatima's (rta) lap, he has used the words: 'like a kind mother'. This manifestly shows that Hazrat Fatima (rta), out of her motherly love for Hazrat Mirza Sahib, placed his head upon her lap; and, Hazrat Mirza Sahib was bestowed this spiritual experience for he was a very able and highly-stationed spiritual son of the Fatmid lineage.

For the benefit of our readers, I quote below that vision of Hazrat Mirza Sahib, which has been recorded on page 503 (see the footnote to the footnote on that page) of his epoch-making book, Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya [vol. 4] (1880-1884):

"Then at that time there appeared five handsome, pleasing and beautiful persons, namely, the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, Ali, Hasan, Husain and Fatima, may God be pleased with them. One of them, and I seem to remember that it was Fatima, with tremendous love and affection, LIKE A KIND MOTHER, put my head upon her lap."

Hazrat Mirza Sahib has also mentioned this vision in his book Nazul-ul-Maseeh (footnote to the footnote on page 49). There he uses the expression: '... my head, LIKE A SON, was placed on the lap of Hazrat Fatima (rta) ...'

This clearly shows the evilness and viciousness that the anti-Ahmadis hold for Hazrat Mirza Sahib. They did not even think for a single moment that they were fabricating such an absurd lie against Hazrat Mirza Sahib, which also involved the blessed and pure person of our beloved spiritual mother -- Hazrat Fatima (rta)! This is yet another example of the deception the anti-Ahmadis use while quoting the works of Hazrat Mirza Sahib. Here they have twisted the words to give the impression that the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam was disrespectful to Hazrat Fatima (rta).

To make our case even stronger, we quote a vision seen by the famous Muslim saint, Hazrat Syed Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani:

"Hazrat Syed Abdul-Qadir Jilani said, 'I saw a vision, in which I was in the lap of Hazrat Aishah (rta), and I was suckling on her right breast. After that I expressed the left one, and suckled on it. Then, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) entered'." (Qalaid-ul-Jawahir fi-Manaqib ash-Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani, Egyptian edition, p. 57, line 8.)

The point worth pondering over here is that Hazrat Aishah had no offspring, so there was no bodily descendantship between Hazrat Syed Abdul-Qadir Gilani and Hazrat Aishah (rta). The relationship was only of a spiritual nature. In the case of Hazrat Mirza Sahib's vision, he was both a physical and spiritual descendant of Hazrat Fatima (rta). It is so strange, that the anti-Ahmadis do not object to the above-mentioned vision of Hazrat Syed Abdul-Qadir Jilani, yet find an element of abuse and insult in the vision seen by the Mujaddid of the 14th century Hijrah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib of Qadian.

In the visions seen by both these Muslim saints, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, also appeared. Tradition (Hadith) shows that such visions are always true in nature. [This is further discussed in the following article.] It would have been better if our opponents had an ample amount of knowledge of Islam to accuse this Holy Luminary in Islam. Alas! that is not the case.

Allah have mercy on our opponents, Amen!


Accusations Answered Section > Was Hazrat Mirza Sahib Disrespectful to Hazrat Fatima (rta) by Placing his Head on her Lap in a Vision?


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